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Our History, Our passion

I am a native New Mexican from Mora, New Mexico, and I have served my community and New Mexicans my entire life. For sixteen years, I coached and taught students at the following high schools: McCurdy, Capital High School, Cibola, Volcano Vista, and others. As an educator and coach, I encouraged students to make a difference and create positive change in society.

In 1999, a drunk driver took the life of my mother. After the tragic loss of my mother, I was reminded that my mother declared that I would become an attorney, so I returned to the university environment and graduated from University of New Mexico School of Law and became a licensed attorney in New Mexico.

As an attorney, I sue drunk drivers and handle a variety of personal injury cases and medical malpractice. Because serving others is paramount, I have devoted my life to educating others and lending a helping hand. As a result, in 2016 my brothers and I created The Estella A. Romero Scholarship to honor my mother’s memory and aid students who have been affected by drunk driving or alcohol. In 2016, my brothers and I awarded two scholarships and a one-time award to three high school students in New Mexico.


The Law Office of E. Marvin Romero was established to give any person a voice in effectuating change and holding others who do harm accountable. The firm handles a variety of personal injury claim ranging from automobile accidents to wrongful death. The firm also works closely with other firms for the benefit of our clients. 


As an educator in New Mexico for 16 years, I had the honor of investing my time and efforts in the future of our country. I witnessed first hand how knowledge empowered young minds to dream and erase economic and societal barriers that could have limited their potential.

I traded my teaching license for a law license, but my outlook and approach remain the same. After working in different law firms, I realized people are looking for an attorney who will listen and talk to them, not talk down to them. In the legal arena, David can beat Goliath. The law is applied in each circumstance regardless of the size of the company, the defendant, or wealth of the individual or company. In the legal arena, every voice is heard. For this reason, the law has been an impetus for change. 

The Law Office of E. Marvin Romero strives to serve people by equipping them with legal understanding. I understand that “trust” is earned and welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.  

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